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Workshops and programs we do are free, but there are expenses. If you would like to help keep our workshops going, you can purchase items from this page or donate when you sign up for any of our workshops on our Eventbrite page. The workshops will remain free, and there is no obligation for you to support Drink & Draft financially, but your contributions help cover expenses for our website and other technology, and for copies, etc. for in person programming.

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Books & Writing Notebooks

All the books and notebooks on this page are available at Part of the proceeds for each sale go to cover the expenses to run our workshops.

Notebook Verses: 50 Exercises for Writing Between Poems

A notebook is one of the most powerful tools in a poet’s toolkit. It’s a place for keen observations and good lines for future poems, working drafts, and it can be a classroom where you grow your writing skills. This is true if you are a beginning poet or award-winning veteran. Notebook Verses: 50 Exercises for Writing Between Poem provides workshop tested writing activities that you can use to practice and sharpen your poetry writing skills. Each exercise has a straightforward and clear set of directions that make each exercise accessible for all poets, beginner to advanced.

Writing Notebooks

Each of these 6 x 9 inch, 120 page lined notebook contain lined pages. If you are looking for a new writing notebook and you want to support the Drink and Draft Poetry Roadshow, please consider buying one (or more).

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We have a growing list of poetry related products, including t-shirts, stickers, postcards, accessories for your electronics, and other good available on Etsy.

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If you want to wear our logo proudly, you can purchase a t-shirt on our Etsy store. It will be filled and shipped by Printful. More products coming later.